Jim Witt’s 2021 Hudson Valley Weather Calendar

The 2021 Hudson Valley Weather Calendar, presented by the HOPE for Youth Foundation and containing meteorologist Jim Witt’s long range forecasts, will be on sale in September at popular locations through out the Hudson Valley.

Jim Witt has formulated a complex system that relies on historic weather patterns in order to predict what the weather will be like years, even decades, ahead. He is especially interested in identifying dates for major weather events like hurricanes and Nor’easters. The precision of his forecasts over the past 40 years has made Witt a successful, charismatic and eerily accurate weather prophet. Witt is also a former high school science teacher.

Calendar Pictures by Month

Sun shining through to a swamp looking are with a small wooden bridge and covered bench.
Apartment buildings and bright colored leaves on trees in autumn in the waterfront scene.
Sun setting over mountains on the opposite site of a river.
West Point from the opposite side of the Hudson River on a snow covered winter day.
White barn in golden light. Wooden gate in the center.
Bridge over Hudson River between mountains. The sky is a gray and cloud covered.
Sailboats on land lined up in rows. Sun setting in the background.
Geese and duck on a pond that show reflections of trees and lawn that's behind it.
Purple and white flowers blooming around a gaxebo.
Large tree branch hanging over green lawn and sidewalk. Five geese walking towards the river.
Stone chapel with steep pointed peek.
View of the Hudson River from on top of a mountain. Low lying cloud over mountains on the other side of the river.
View of the Hudson River facing north from the Bear Mountain Bridge. One boat in the middle of the river and mountains in the background.
Yellow house with green shutters. Pumpkins and leaves on the front yard.
Blue and gray train engine pulling commuter train over a bridge.
Bright red barn with leafless tree in front. Light snow is falling.

Sales Benefit Local Charities

Proceeds from the calendar sales go to help children with life-threatening illnesses and children with physical and mental challenges. In addition, the HOPE for Youth Foundation gives eight scholarships to deserving graduating high school seniors. Recent beneficiaries have included 32 worthwhile regional children’s organizations such as Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Hudson Valley, Gilda’s Club, Camp Horizons Inc., Friends of Karen, Children’s Hospital Fund at Westchester County Medical Center, and Hillside Food Outreach.

“Professional meteorologists and amateur weather enthusiasts alike are interested in the predictions for 2020 and beyond. On one hand the calendar allows me to use my passion for weather to generate funds for kids who face life’s challenges and on the other hand, the forecasts can help local and state government as well as everyday folks to be prepared for future adverse weather,” said Witt.

Calendars are for sale at his public appearances and at participating retail locations for $10.00. They are also available for $14.00 with free shipping. Sponsoring businesses can also order bulk shipments for $6.00 each.

Calendars are now shipping.

Jim Witt’s schedule to sell and sign calendars will be available in September of 2021.

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