Jim Witt’s 2025 Hudson Valley Weather Calendar

2025 Calendars on Sale in September

Sales Benefit Local Charities

Buy your 2025 Long Range Weather Forecast calendar from our local retail partners.

2025 Long Range Weather Forecast calendars will be available at our local retail partners in September.

Jim Witt schedules in-person calendar signing appearances. Those dates will be announced at a later date.

2025 Calendar Pictures by Month

2025 Calendar Photographers

  • Carol Pedersen
  • Charlie Gruetzner
  • Cory Lyons
  • Ed Mekeel
  • Giuliano Sista
  • Heather Ballard
  • Howard Copeland
  • Jackie Francone
  • Mark Rosengarten
  • Philip Brandon
  • Roberto Perez
  • Scott Snell

The History of Jim Witt’s Long-Range Calendars

The original calendars featured black and white photos and Witt’s scientific predictions for long range weather events based on his years of meteorological and scientific research. As interest in the calendar grew, award winning Hudson Valley photographer Joe Deutsch graciously donated his stunning color photographs of the Hudson Valley to appear on the pages of the calendar.

Today’s calendars feature a collection of notable contributing photographers from the Hudson Valley all of whom donate their photographs for use in the calendar. Fourteen monthly photos and a cover photo adorn the calendars and are selected by John Burke who also designs and produces the calendar each year. John Is a Vice President on the HFYF Board. One is more stunning than the next and selections are aligned based on seasons.

This year’s calendar will cover November 2024 through December 2025.

Jim Witt has formulated a complex system that relies on historic weather patterns to predict what the weather will be like years, even decades, ahead. He is especially interested in identifying dates for major weather events like hurricanes and Nor’easters. The precision of his forecasts over the past 40 years has made Witt a successful charismatic and eerily weather prophet. Witt is also a former high school weather teacher.

“The long-range forecasts are important. Professional meteorologists and amateur weather enthusiasts alike are interested in the predictions. On one hand the calendar allows me to use my passion for weather to generate funds for kids who face a complex array of life’s challenges, and on the other hand, the forecasts can help local and state government as well as everyday folks to be prepared for future adverse weather”, said Witt.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or want the kids to know when there might be a snow day, the calendar is a delight for everyone.

Calendars may be purchased at participating retailers from September to March or while supplies last for $10.00.

Calendars may be purchased by mail for $16.00 (shipping included) while supplies last.

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