HOPE Tennis Fundraiser 2022

Group photo on grass with blue sky in the background.

Rob and Diane Schneiderman single handed dreamed up a tennis outing as a fundraiser for Hope for Youth Foundation. (This was their second annual tennis outing for Hope for Youth).They, once again made all the arrangements with the tennis pro, supplied gift bags for everyone, scheduled the entire event, contacted all the members of the tennis club, made phone calls and filled all the “slots”. They then went out to purchase plenty of Dunkin Donuts & Dunkin Donuts coffee, cold drinks for everyone. They also put together raffle prizes (many) and people purchased many, many raffle tickets and the entire morning ended with everybody congratulating Rob and Diane for a super outing.  All had a great time and the Hope for Youth Foundation raised some money.  Yes, it was a win, win situation.

Thank you to everyone that made today’s HOPE for Youth event a success! Your support is greatly appreciated.  Special thanks to Martha and Randy Rowley for running a wonderful program and Michael Del Monte and Jim O’Rourke for generously providing the Highlands facilities for our use!!!

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