An Evening of HOPE and Music

On October 18, 2020 HOPE For Youth held a free Virtual Concert featuring Artists and Musicians of the Hudson Valley.

Host: Arianna Hurtado | Board Member and Past HFYF Recipient

Featured Speaker: Jim Witt | Founder & CEO of The Hope for Youth Foundation

Guest Artist: Daisy Jopling | World-renowned Classical/Rock Violinist

HFYF Past Recipients: Alex May, Gavon Mitchell, Amaavi Miriyagalla, and Nicholas Sevecke

Featured Artists: Max Abraham, Gigi and Caroline Bianco, Off Broadway, Emily Escobar, Ava Gallo, Julia Getlik, Sam Guyton, John Hahn, Jonny Hirsch, Kristina Koller, Kathryn Maeve, Gavon Mitchell, Amaavi and Vaishali Miriyagalla, and Matthew Quarles

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