Eight students (scholarship winners) pose with Jim and Nancy Witt.

An Open Letter From Jim Witt

Today’s young people are tomorrow’s leaders, but not every child has an equal advantage. Beginning in 1986, HOPE for Youth Foundation (HFYF) has provided annual support to over 40 organizations in the lower Hudson Valley. Those organizations serve ill, disabled and disadvantaged youth. In 36 years, HFYF has distributed over $5.24 million to Hudson Valley’s youth thereby providing that extra boost and support that can help dreams come true.

Help Us Help Children

Here is where you enter the picture. HFYF has been hit hard by COVID. With several annual events having been canceled, we need your help more than ever. Please send your donation today!

For more information about HFYF and a list of the many worthy programs HFYF has supported, please visit our recipients page. Any amount is appreciated and will be put to good use.


Jim Witt, CEO

Bruce Lindenbaum, President

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